When To Consider Equine CBD Products

When To Consider Equine CBD Products

When To Consider Equine CBD Products

10 January 2023
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CBD has become quite popular lately, and not just for humans. Several equine supplement companies have introduced CBD supplements made especially for horses. Some are powders, others are pellets, and others are liquids that you can add to the grain ration or administer via syringe. So, when might you want to give your horse an equine CBD supplement? Here are some situations in which CBD may help horses.

To calm a nervous horse

Do you have a horse who you would describe as nervous or anxious? Working with such a horse can be difficult and even dangerous. Giving them a CBD supplement can calm their nerves, which will help them focus better during training. Over time, as your nervous horse becomes used to your training approach, you may find that they need CBD less often. Or, you may find that they do best when given CBD continuously; it will depend on the horse.

To help ease a transition

Are you transitioning your horse into a new barn or stable? Maybe you're keeping them at the same stable, but you've moved them to a different pasture or a different stall. These transitions can be difficult even for mild-mannered horses. Giving them CBD during the transition can help calm their minds and prevent bad habits like weaving, kicking, and pacing. If you are introducing your horse to a new herd, you may even want to give the whole herd CBD supplements to help ease the transition.

Before a lesson

It can be frustrating to schedule a lesson with your horse, only to have them be unfocused, vocal, or nervous the whole time. Giving them CBD before your lesson can help ensure they are in the right mindset to behave and focus while the trainer works with both of you. Some people find that their horses only need CBD before off-site lessons. Others give it before on-property lessons, too. 

If you have a child who rides a nervous horse, giving the horse CBD before a ride can be helpful, too. Often, the CBD will keep the horse calmer so your child can focus on their equitation and not just on the horse's behavior.

If you do choose to give your horse CBD, make sure you use a CBD product formulated specifically for horses. This will ensure your horse only consumes ingredients and additives that are safe for them.

For more information, contact a local company that offers horse CBD products. 

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