3 Ways Compounding Pharmacies Help Ensure Patients Take Their Medications

3 Ways Compounding Pharmacies Help Ensure Patients Take Their Medications

3 Ways Compounding Pharmacies Help Ensure Patients Take Their Medications

20 July 2022
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Prescription medications are tools that doctors use to help their patients cope with a wide range of medical conditions. These prescription medications can only be effective in minimizing the negative effects of an illness if they are taken as prescribed.

There are many reasons why a patient might not want to take his or her medications on a daily basis. Compounding pharmacies can address these concerns and provide valuable solutions that will help ensure patients take the medications they need to enjoy better health.

1. Transform the Method of Ingestion

One reason patients might avoid taking their medications is they don't like the way the medication has to be ingested. This is especially true for medications that come in pill or tablet form.

Patients who have a hard time swallowing or have a very sensitive gag reflex can find it difficult to swallow pills or tablets on a daily basis. A compounding pharmacy has the ability to transform an existing prescription into a product that can be ingested in a more palatable way.

Common ingestion variations that are created in a compounding pharmacy include creams or gels that can be absorbed through the skin or liquids that can easily be swallowed.

2. Add New Flavoring

You don't really think about the flavor of your medications, but anyone who has experienced a nasty aftertaste following a dose of their prescription can tell you that flavor makes a big difference when it comes to taking medications regularly.

A compounding pharmacy can help you eliminate any unwanted flavors from the prescriptions that you take each day. New flavors that you find appealing can be added to make your medications more enjoyable.

By transforming the taste of your medications, a compounding pharmacy can help you be more consistent when it comes to taking your medicines as prescribed.

3. Eliminate Allergic Reactions

The medications that are meant to help a patient can contribute to other health problems when allergens are present.

Anyone who is allergic to wheat, soy, or certain preservatives may have difficulty taking some prescription medications without experiencing an adverse allergic reaction because many traditional medications contain trace amounts of known allergens.

A compounding pharmacy has the ability to create medications that use no fillers, preservatives, or binding agents. Eliminating these ingredients can eliminate the allergens that make it impossible to take a prescription medication that triggers an allergic reaction.

For more information, contact a local compounding service.

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