Why Are You So Sleepy?

Why Are You So Sleepy?

Why Are You So Sleepy?

26 November 2018
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Do you feel like you could just pay somebody to let you sleep? Perhaps you go through each day not knowing what to do because you just want to be curled up in your little bed, snoozing without a single interruption. If you have sleep problems, from trying some things yourself that might help you to sleep better to seeing a doctor, here are some ideas that might help you.

Have You Tried These Things Already? - Are you sure you're not hungry? Perhaps it might help you to eat a bedtime snack, maybe something like a glass of milk and a peanut butter and honey sandwich right before you go to bed. Another idea is to check your sleeping area to make sure there aren't distractions. For example, maybe it's bothering you that your room is cluttered. Try making everything around your sleeping area look super nice.

In fact, make your bed be a luxurious place to sleep, buying sheets that invite a good night's sleep and maybe even one of those pillows that you can hug like you would a person. And, speaking of persons, what about your spouse or your companion? Is his or her snoring bothering your sleep? If so, help him or her to get the help that is needed so that you can both get a good night's sleep. 

Even the light from a bedside alarm clock might be too distracting. And, check your electronic reading tablet, too. For that matter, if you have to read before you even try to sleep, consider reading a paper book instead of an electronic one that emits blue light that an interrupt your sleep.

Is It Time To See A Doctor? You could go to a sleep disorder clinic and have a sleep study done, but that might not be necessary. First, make an appointment to see your doctor or your physician's assistant. He or she will have the experience and the training to help you with your sleep problems. He or she will ask you questions regarding your general health and your daily schedule.

For instance, if you do shift work, the doctor will realize that is a factor in your sleeping problem. He or she might recommend over-the-counter sleeping aids or even Modafinil which might be the exact medication you need. If your doctor does prescribe Modafinil, he will more than likely suggest strongly that you don't drink alcoholic beverages. With the holidays coming up, that might be a problem for you. Consider ahead of time buying some non-alcoholic wine that you can take to holiday events with you. 

For more information on where you can buy Modafinil online, contact your local pharmacy today.

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