Tips For Overcoming Medication Sensitivities With Your Child On The Spectrum

Tips For Overcoming Medication Sensitivities With Your Child On The Spectrum

Tips For Overcoming Medication Sensitivities With Your Child On The Spectrum

22 February 2018
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As the parent of a child who is on the autism spectrum or has a sensory disorder, giving medications can be challenging. Whether it's a flavor issue, a texture problem, or an inability to swallow pills, giving your child any kind of medicine may seem downright impossible. The good news is that through a variety of compounding and medication creation processes, there are ways to get the medication that your child needs in a form that he or she can actually take.

Texture Issues

Let's face it, the children's chewable medications on the market right now are often chalky, dry, and difficult to take. Who can blame your child for not liking the texture? If your child struggles with taking chewable medications, you can talk with a specialist about turning them into gummies instead. The smooth, gummy treat texture will make the medicine more palatable for a child who has trouble with textures.

Flavor Sensitivities

Some kids have sensitive taste buds, and even the subtlest flavors can be overwhelming. If your child has strong preferences with flavors and has sensitivities, he or she may find that a compounding pharmacy that specializes in natural flavorings could be the way to go. Sometimes they can work with a medication creator to develop a foundation that works well in a suspension, which is the easiest way to flavor a medication. You'll be able to personalize the flavor to whatever works best for your child in those cases.

Swallowing Problems

For kids who can't get past the psychological issue of swallowing medication, whether it's in liquid or pill form, there are a lot of different options. Custom medications in gummy form, popsicle form, and even lollipop form are great for these types of situations. This is particularly important when it comes to fever reducers and antibiotics, because those are essential medications when your child is ill. No matter what the medication may be, there are usually ways to transform it into a form that your child will accept. After all, what child doesn't like lollipops? And when your little one is sick, it's a great way to make them feel like they're getting a treat while you get the medicine that they need into their system. It's a win for both of you.

Talk with your local pharmacist today to see what they can offer. They may be able to connect you with a drug development service who can develop specialized forms of the medications that your child needs.

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